Complaints Procedure

  1. The user can file a claim for payment of the same sum of money as the fine for unauthorized parking determined by the competent administrative authority (e.g., municipal police force) and other related costs (towing fee), if all the conditions set out in this article of the Cancellation and Refund Policies were met, especially in the case of failure of the technological system of Technical Road Administration handling the parking of the City of Prague or other administrators of Prague Parking Zones.
  2. Complaints must be made within 7 days from the moment when the User receives the fine.
  3. Complaints must be sent as an email to the email address of the Operator
  4. A complaint must inlcude the following:
  • Address - the user must submit the complaint from the Address used for Parking spot Reservation;
  • Scan of the copy or other conclusive visual record of the document or documents that the User paid the fine and/or other related expenses incurred. The following must the documents contain in particular:

  • License plate of the vehicle used for the Reservation;
  • time of the fine at the time User rightfully uses the service of;
  • document confirming the time when the User received the fine;
  • address, as the parking space;
  • stamp of the administrative authority imposing the fine placed on the document issued by the administrative body imposing a fine for unauthorized parking.

  • Phone number for any personal contacting by the Operator;
  • User account number, including other necessary information in case the sum of money is sent to the User's bank account opened with the bank outside of the Czech Republic to send the sum by non-cash transfer if the claim is recognized.

The Operator is not obliged to accept the claim if the claim application does not contain all necessary information under this provision.

  1. In case of acceptance of the claim by Operator, Operator shall pay the User an assessed fine, towing fee, and Parking fees. In order to pay the sum of money specified in the previous sentence, it is necessary to send the original documents to the Operator that prove the claim.
  2. The complaint will be processed as soon as possible no later than thirty (30) days from the date of its application. The User will be informed immediately about the claim settling.
  3. The Operator is not responsible for a situation where a fine or other costs incurred will be given as a result of incorrectly entered data by User or of the failure to comply with the Parking Rules by the User. The case of incorrect data according to the previous sentence shall also include a situation in which the User incorrectly enters data when booking a PPO pursuant to Article IV. of these TAC and asks for correction of these data according to par. 8 of Article IV. of these TAC after commencing the Parking Start time.