Park your car
in the paid parking zones for as long as necessary

6-hour parking tariffs are now available.

Where do you want to park?

Tip Parking always covers the entire district, whether you choose a street or not.

Cool as fck, very well done Prague! And i would love to see this in Berlin.



Uživatelsky příjemná aplikace. Používám celkem často a jsem spokojená.


Co byste měli vědět
a jak to funguje?
Not only for the blue zones but also for the purple ones
With it is possible to park in the entire paid and residential zones in a given city district.
icon guarantees the transfer of PPO to your license plate
You won't get a fine with us. If you accidentally do, we will pay the tow or fine and refund our fee.
No tickets or parking meters
The number plate registration system already works only electronically, i.e. without tickets or physical cards.
Works even with a foreign registration plate
It doesn't matter what country the car comes from, with you park on blue zones even with foreign registration plates.
Park almost all over Prague without any problems
With you can park 24 hours in the zones of Prague 1, Prague 2 and Prague 3, Prague 4, Prague 5, Prague 6, Prague 7 and Prague 8.
  • The app enables to share
    the transferable parking permits for parking in the blue zones .
  • It guarantees that the license plate in the case of transferable parking permits is changed to the required plate number.
  • You park in the selected zone just like the owners of the residential parking permits .
  • It allows parking in the residential and paid zones for 24 hours and more.

Jednotlivé městské části hlavního města Prahy vydávají tzv. přenosná parkovací oprávnění na modré (residenční) zóny.

The app allows the transfer of a specific portable parking permit to your license plate and thus parking in entire paid parking zones.

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