Frequently asked questions
Where can I park with this parking card?
Parking is available in the blue and purple zones in the purchased area. All zones are marked with road signs (with a coloured stripe) placed in front of the parking spaces. You must always park in accordance with the rules of the road!
How does the system work? How do I collect my parking card?
Our system works electronically. No card is needed. You don't have to print anything, or put it outside the window. Your license plate is automatically sent to the city's system.
If I buy a parking permit for Prague 1, can I park all over Prague?
No, it's not. Each district has its own parking permits. The parking section (area) is marked on the road signs in front of the parking spaces.
I entered the wrong license plate number, how can I correct it?
If you find that you have entered a wrong number plate, please contact us immediately on +420 604 396 686 and we will manually correct it. It is essential that the number plate is correct, otherwise you risk a fine or having your vehicle towed!
Is it possible to download the app to my phone?
We do not have an app to download to your phone, nor do we plan to. But our web app can do everything that needs to be done, quickly and conveniently.
My account was not debited, no payment was made. Where should I send the money?
If payment for the order has not been made, the order is automatically cancelled and the parking permit is not valid. No retroactive payment is possible. We would compare it to a parking meter - you cannot buy a parking ticket for yesterday.
I need an invoice with past date, how should I proceed?
The invoice cannot be issued retrospectively. We can only issue it with the current date. For questions about invoices and invoice adjustments, please contact us at
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